Monday, May 28, 2007

Hot Off the Presses - Topic Starter!

Biancka, Cheerleader at TDS, has this great new challenge/inspiration for our blogs! She provides us with a topic everyday! Love it! Great way to get us thinking about all sorts of things outside of the mundane daily life things! Don't get me wrong - being the Mom of 3 is full of daily adventures, but sometimes it is nice to think of something other than the baby's diaper exploded, the cat threw up on my book and I am tired of making dinner! Hehe!

Okay, so the daily prompt is "5 top annoyances." I told Biancka I was going to have a tough time stopping at 5. Hehe! So here goes:
1) People waiting for my parking space. Seriously, I have 3 kids, getting them all in the car after a shopping adventure is a major event. Get them strapped in, load up out purchases, put away the cart, get them the snacks they want or books to read or whatever they want and then to realize that the baby needs a diaper change. All this while someone is waiting is just stressful and annoying - really you can walk another few feet or so. Does this drive anyone else nuts?
2) Not being able to find the perfect kit! I must admit that since having ACDSee this doesn't happen too much. I have a better idea of what I have and am more able to combine elements from other kits and designers.
3) Our fish tank! A few weeks ago out fish tank was beautiful. Clear and clean. The fish were happy. But it needed water. I added 1 gallon of water (it's a 10 gallon tank) and within hours, it was all cloudy! What is that all about! And it has a place of prominence in the house so it looks completely yucky! Grrr!
4) My DH's ongoing obsessive complaining about traffic lights! DH finds traffic lights very annoying, he thinks there is a little man in them that says "oh here comes Dave, we better change quick!" Obviously he doesn't really think that but if a light does not suit him, for any reason, he complains and moans and groans. To me, traffic lights are a fact of life, why get upset by them.
5) (Because this is what is currently annoying me) Alarms. This morning for some reason our house alarm went off - for no reason at all - just started going off. And now the car is going off. What's that about?

Okay, so there is my 5 annoyances. In no way does that reflect my true life annoyances - well not really - but it is where I am this morning! If you want to play along with Biancka's daily prompts, check out her blog here or the post at TDS!

Now, design news! I finished a new kit and I couldn't be more excited about it! I plan on releasing it on Thursday - gives me some time and my CT some time to do some layouts with it! And for fun, I think I am going to do a little contest later in the week and give away a few of them. So, come back later this week! It might be you!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a great day!


Monique said...

lol, great bloggin topic! I'll have to check out those prompts I could use some. have a great day!

Dale said...

THanks for linking to the digishoppe! I'd love to see more people playing the game there... i would love some more blogs to stalk haha

Jones said...

Well, while someone is waiting for my parking spot is mildly annoying I really hate it when my dh is driving and he insists on waiting for somebody else's spot, LOL. Have a great day, hopefully less full of alarms!

SarahB said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and looking at my designs! A year ago I was a new scrapper and you were the first designer I bought a kit from! I even emailed you about it because I saw you lived in the same city as I did at the time. :)

Doreen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Amy! I enjoyed reading your 5 annoyances! :)