Thursday, December 27, 2007

Phew! It's over!

Hi everyone! "Phew, It's Over" is about all I've got to say! That's not to say that I didn't have a great Christmas or lots of fun through the holiday but it is such a production from the gifts, to the cooking, to the cleaning up - it's nice to now have all of the work behind us and now enjoy our new toys and each other. Aidan is off school till January 7th and I am looking forward to a week of fun with everyone!

Santa was very good to the kids this year - Aidan got his first HO Scale Model Railroad and he is positively over the moon about it! Boy I tell you - this is an expensive hobby however. We went to Hobby Lobby today to look at accessories for his track/train and I was pretty shocked how much everything was. But being the great little Tiger Cub that he is - he decided to save his money and do some arts and crafts activities to add to his railroad. So we made a fabulous tunnel out of a big round mailer, brick like paper and red paint! He loves it!

In stark contrast, Zoey got a $6 fake aquarium from Walgreens from Santa and she was doing a serious whoop it up happy dance. Santa brought her other presents too but by far the one she was most excited about was the fake aquarium with fake plastic fish from Walgreens! Aren't kids hysterical!

Eli loved the hub bub of it all and getting presents too! He was so cute he would get all excited and say "Wow" before he even knen what was in the box! Just unwrapping it was an event for him!

It was a fun Christmas but I am glad that it is over and now we can spend the next week visiting with my Mom (who flew in on Saturday) and relaxing a litte before school, scouts and soccer start up again!

Nothing new on the design front and only a few layouts which I will share soon! On a personal scrapbooking side, I am soooo sooooo excited to announce that Heather Roselli asked me to be on her team! Have you seen the adorable kits she comes out with?? One of her most recent - Making Trax- I have been drooling over since I first got a glimpse of it! Anyone with children who love Trains has to have this kit --- I think that is what I am going to start working on tonight! No shortage of train photos here!
I hope you all had a great Christmas! It will be 2008 in a matter of days - I hope it is a great year for you! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas (Eve)

Everyone on Amy's CT would like to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We hope you have enjoyed the goodies that we handed out this past week. We have one more fun gift before Christmas Day. I will let you in on the surprise since I am SO excited about it!!!

Amy's CT got together and we used Amy's Trading Card Templates (available at SBB) and her Naughty or Nice Mini Kit to make you an 18 page Trading Card album!

We hope you enjoy your Christmas Gift and we would LOVE to see you put it to use, Christmas Eve Download

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stocking Stuffer Dec 23rd!

Hello faithful bloggers! We on Amy's CT would like to apologize for missing a couple of stocking days! You know that word OVERWHELMED that gets us all at one time or another? Well it seems being a few days before a HUGE holiday can do that to a person or two! And with Amy being very sick with the flu and pneumonia we didn't want to bug her to do more work by giving us presents! LOL! We hope that today's fun stuff will make it worth the wait tho! First off Amy is giving out a coupon for Free Tumbler Templates to the first 20 people who spend $1 or more in her SBB store! If you haven't seen these templates yet let me show you a couple that I made for gifts this year. They are so easy and such a fun gift! This first one has an actual photo of the template printed out and inside the tumbler. I used the Wish and Wonder kit by the SSD Designers, a Flower Felty by Fee Jardine and Tracy Murphy Drop Shadows for this one.

This second one is of my cute boys (I just love to show off my boys) for their Nana. ;) I used Tracy's LJ Kit by Traci Reed to do this one.
So if you want these awesome tumbler templates run on over to Amy's store and use the coupon code "tumblertemps". Remember this goes to the first 20 customers who spend $1 or more! That is so easy to do in Amy's store! So much fun stuff! And remember to make sure you come back here and share what you do so we can give you some lovin!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Howdy, cough, cough! I'm alive!

Hey everyone! It's been so fun going to my blog every day and seeing all this fun activity! My CT girls are the best - they have really done a great job with the Countdown to Christmas! I hope ya'll have had fun with it too!

I have sort of felt like "Where in the World is Amy" though. We have had a truly miserable December. Aidan, my oldest, got really sick on 12/1 and missed school and any other activities through to 12/10. And then as luck would have it - Aidan went back to school and I got sick the next day. On Friday my 97 year old Grandmother passed away and then on Sunday I was at the ER clinic where I tested positive for Influenza A and a chest xray revealed that I also have pnuemonia! Geez - can it get a whole lot worse? Well of course the answer to that is almost always yet but it did feel darn right stinky on Sunday.

Fortunately I'm feeling much better now, several days of Tamiflu and a good antibiotic and I am getting back to cranking out layouts, gifts and more. I'm going to come back and show ya'll some of my projects I've been working on but for now - I'll show you some super cool layouts some of my CT girls have had a chance to work on in the last week or so.

Kris Baker did this fabulous layout using Little Boy Blue. I love how she used highly themed kit for a layout having nothing to do with the theme! Fantastic!

Traci Reed is an amazing layout artist AND Designer. I positively love this layout titled "Fresh from Heaven."

And my dear friend Pam did this beautiful layout here using the Christmas Paper Bag frames! I love her tears and the little ornaments tucked in the top tears.

Well I wanted to stop and say Hello! Before I go, the coupon for my sale at SBB is still active and is valid for 30% off for a few more days! Here's the ad again:

Well it's time for me to - Eli just came and asked me to change his stinky diaper and that I need to go sing songs to Sissy! Hehe! I'm glad the 2 year old in the house has perspective on things!

Thanks for stopping by! Now, back to your regularly scheduled "Countdown to Christmas!" Have a super evening and stop by again tomorrow - I'm sure there is something fun in store for us all!

Day 5!

Happy Holidays blog readers! It's Pam here pinning up the Day 5 (SORRY THIS LINK HAS BEEN DISABLED) stocking that CT member Char created for you! And don't forget the sale is still on in Amy's SBB Store so head on over and shop! Amy and all of us on her team hope you are enjoying your holiday goodies and we also hope you will come back and share with us anything you create using them! Oh and don't forget the Guest CT Member contest! Get your layout in by the 22nd for a chance at a sweet gig! Have a great Wednesday all!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 4!!

Hello, it is Amber again. Amy & her CT want to thank everyone who has stopped by the blog to get the stockings each day. We hope that you are enjoying all the treats. Before I get to today's stocking I have a few reminders & announcements.

Amy would like to remind you about the sale at Scrapbook Bytes. If you shop TONIGHT before Midnight & use the coupon you will still get 40%!! PLUS If you spend over $10 at SBB there is also a free kit!! So what are you waiting for?!?! Go get shopping!!

We already have some wonderful layouts submitted for the Guest CT contest. Be sure to link us to your layout before December 22nd.

One last announcement before we get to today's stocking ... Amy has created a mailing list for all of her wonderful customers. Stop by ~>HERE<~ and sign up to be the first to know about sales, specials and contests!

Ok, are you ready for today's stocking? Look no further!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Countdown ~ Day 3

Hello all! This is Char, one of Amy's CT, posting with another fun stocking stuffer!

First things first - be sure to click HERE for some important news about yesterday's stocking stuffer! You'll be glad you took the time to check!

So, today's item will be perfect for your Teacher Gift needs, and for present toppers, stuffers for gift baskets, and so much more.

I know I'm not supposed to show you what's inside the stocking before you download, but I personally like to peek. (Yes, as a teenager, I was one of those who would check to see if presents could be un-wrapped and re-wrapped without anyone knowing). And I ALWAYS tried to find my gifts before Christmas! So, if you are one of those who likes a sneak peek, scroll down... but if you want to be surprised - CLICK HERE (SORRY THIS LINK HAS BEEN DISABLED) for your Day 3 download!

Scrolling down for peeking....














(You can click to see the sneak peek larger!)

Now that you're done peeking, CLICK HERE (SORRY THIS LINK HAS BEEN DISABLED) for your Day 3 download

Christmas Countdown ~ Day 3 - Template Still Available Today!

Hey all you bloggers! Pam, one of Amy's CT members here! Since Amy is feeling a bit under the weather the team has decided to give her a break and leave the awesome freebie template up for one more day! Here is a layout I did with the template using Amy's Bohemian Blossoms kit, her Chicken Scratch Alpha and Clothespin Clusters.
So hurry and grab the sorry no longer available and then show us what you did with it before it's gone!

And lets all send Amy lots of get well wishes too!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Countdown to Christmas ~ Day 2

Welcome back everyone. This is Amber again. Thank you for taking the time to stop by for Day 2. Sorry it is a little late going up, but better late than never, right?

We have a VERY special announcement today. We hinted at it in yesterday's ad & in some of the forums. Here is the great new ... One of you could win a change to be one of Amy's Guest CT members after the New Year!!!!

Simply use the template stuffed in today's stocking to make a layout to impress and link back to it in the comments of this post before December 22nd. Grab the stocking today, even if you are not sure you are going to apply. The stocking is only available today. After all entries are in, then Amy & her CT will pick a winner to join us for a month! So without further ado ....
~>Sorry, this link is no longer available<~

See everyone back here tomorrow for Day 3!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Countdown to Christmas ~ Day 1

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! This is Amber, one of Amy's CT members here to take over the blog for the next week or so! Amy & her whole CT would like you to join us in celebrating while we countdown to Christmas. Be on the look out for the stocking featured in the ad below each day.

Here is today's freebie ~>Day 1 Stocking Stuffer SORRY THIS LINK IS DISBABLED NOW<~ Remember stockings are surprises so you will have to download to see what you get!!

See you back here tomorrow for Day 2 & a special contest announcement!!

Holiday Party at SBB and a Major Sale!

Long time no post - story of my life! I thought I'd get on here and share a few things with you and post about the current sale I am running at SBB. Here's the ad:

There's a lot of fun stuff going on at SBB this weekend and over the next few days! So don't miss it - you can find out more about all the activities here. Plus there is a daily search in the forums for a new freebie every day! Learn more about the search here.

And please, please stop back by later today! My CT is going to be hosting a super cool "Countdown to Christmas" with lots of fun freebies, coupons and more! Look for the first post sometime today!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!