Friday, June 1, 2007

Daddy's Girl and more!

Good morning! Tonight Aidan has his first swimteam meet! Yesterday they had that poor boy swimming up and down the length of the pool so I think he is ready physically but I am sure he doesn't know what to expect tonight so we will see! You can be sure I will have lots of photos to share!

Today's "Hot Topic of the Day" at TDS is "Why we scrap." This is such an easy one for me today! On Wednesday, Aidan's last day of school, my Mom told me that on my last day of schools she always took me to the Village Green for ice cream! Unfortunately, I have no memory of this and if she wasn't here to tell me, I would not have known that she had this nice tradition for me! And now that I do know it, it makes me feel just a little more loved. I scrap so that my children have this! So that they remember (or are reminded) of the little things and traditions that we have. I scrap about me and my feelings for them so they know they are loved and that I am proud of them. My life is so much better with them in it - I want them to know that and feel that through their scrapbook pages.

Okay, that's enough sappiness even for me at the moment! I am so excited to share with you my newest kit - Daddy's Girl! (See picture above.) I have so many pictures of Zoey and her Daddy that I want to scrap with a feminine kit but so often they are just a little too feminine for pictures of Daddy too. So along came "Daddy's Girl". It's on sale at Scrapb00k-Bytes through Wendesday for just $4.50. You can take a closer look or purchase it

I have the best Creative Team! These ladies are both fabulous scrappers, CT members and friends! Here's a small showing of what they have done with Daddy's Girl!

Layout by Kris Baker

Layout by Alane (aka marnie4two)

Layout by Maria LaFrance

Aren't those just fabulous! I have more to share but I will do that later! Thanks so much for stoppin in and taking a look!

Any fun plans for the weekend? We are headed to a little town called Hondo for a "Fly-In". More fuel for my sons interest in airplanes of all kinds! Other than that, the meet tonight and tons of laundry! I love reading your comments and learning what everyone else is up to - so what about you? What are you up to this weekend? Thanks again for visiting! I hope have a great weekend!


Monique said...

wow, great layouts... and that kit really is perfect for scrapping little girls with their daddys, girly yet not too much. It's always so hard to find kits that have that great balance, but you've done it! great job!

Jenna said...

Hey Amy!!! ((waves)) Love the new kit...great color combination and ITA about it being not just for girls, but daddys too..awesome! Love those CT LOs..gorgeous job and hey, love your blog! I have you on bloglines to keep myself updated. ;)

MandaKay said...

Good luck at the meet tonight! I agree with why you scrap!!! I was the youngest of 5 kids and have nothing! barely even any photos!!! I hope that even as I am pregnant with my third child that she has as many books and LO's as my oldest - KWIM?!

No big plans for our weekend - just family time!

koryandkatie said...

LOVE the kit and all the layouts!! I, too agree with why you scrap!!

Heather said...

Love the new kit! Awesome layouts!

We've got the last soccer game of the season tomorrow! Woohoo! Break til fall season!

Sarah said...

You new kit is just Gorgeous!!