Sunday, June 3, 2007

Gosh it has been so busy around here lately I never got back to report on how Aidan did in the swim meet, do any enabling or show off some new layouts!

First, the swim meet! Aidan did great at warm up and was looking like he was going to have a good swim. Then I don't know if they unilaterally decided that the 6 and under kids would use a kickboard or if that was an option. Either way it seemed to totally throw Aidan off. He didn't seem to understand that it was a "race" so he pretty much took his sweet time, looked around and enjoyed the swim! He's 6 - it was totally fine and amusing! In fact, my Mom has a story that she tells about me doing pretty much the same thing on the soccer field. It's all good! I got some good photos and we had a fun experience all around. Zoey had a fabulous time playing along the fence where the trees are looking for bugs and playing with a friend! All and all - it was a fun way to spend a Friday night!

I did get to scrap some this weekend already - in fact 3 layouts. Let me show you or you can see it here!

This is using Dani's new kit titled Sweet Summer Pop! I got up yesterday morning and the first thing I did was go to the Sweet Shoppe to see what new kit Dani had out and grabbed it up! Of course that is pretty much what I do every Saturday morning! If you haven't seen the kit yet, lookie here:

I just love that sun and the cloud! And the fabulous colors - well it is a Dani kit - need I say more! I did the Cookie Decorating challenge at Sweet Shoppe using the kit too - see:

And then the 3rd layout I did was with Jessica Bolton's Homelife Kit! I have become a real fan of her work! Here is my layout:

I bought a couple other things yesterday too! I bought Shawna Clingerman's newest kit and 2 things from Meredith Fenwick.


Sassy said...

GREAT Scraps :o)

jennieb75 said...

Awesome LOs... and I love the stuff you've shown... now I want it too! lol
Sounds like your DS had fun at the swim... that's the main part I guess! :-)

Claudi said...

wonderful layout, you made! love the kit and stuff you bought! great choice!

Nita said...

Nice blog. Got your link from Digishoptalk :)