Friday, July 6, 2007

While Amy is away....

...her CT is gonna play!! Yes, I have access to Amy's blog, and I think we're gonna use it while she's out of town for her month-long vacation!

We (her CT) have a few things cooked up for you, to make the time go faster until Amy comes home again. We have a few contests coming soon, where you can win fabulous prizes (like coupons and gift certificates, oh my!)... and a few of us will be posting to the blog in her absense, so it doesn't get TOO dusty around here.

Be sure to visit again SOON for more details, because while Amy's away, we're gonna PLAY!

ETA: Here is our first contest:

"Get Caught"!

If you can't see the image, here is the text:
Get Caught!
Amy Bleser is out of town on a nice LONG
summer trip. While she's gone, we (her
CT) will be on the look-out for layouts
that feature Amy's designs. If you GET
CAUGHT using Amy's designs on a layout,
you just might win a prize!!

The Get Caught contest will run from
July 9th until Amy gets home sometime
around the 1st of August.

So, get busy, use Amy's designs, upload
your layouts, and GET CAUGHT by Amy's
Creative Team!

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