Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I think life my life is boring or unexciting - the kids remind me how not true that is! Hehe! And for glamour - well being a SAHM has it all! Yesterday the kids and I had a fun, full day planned. We left the house headed first for the Children's Museum and then for hair cuts, shoe shopping, dinner, ice cream (if they behaved) and last minute school supply shopping. The kids had fun and we all had a great time. The highlight (and I say that most sarcastically) was when my oldest son dropped his pretend police badge in the toilet. Yes, of course, it has to be the toilet he had just used. Ah yes, the glamour and humor of scooping his police badge out of the toilet. Fun!

I could go on and on with tid bits of fun like this. But I'll spare you all!

My CT has been working with my new kit (see post below) and I am so excited to share with you these layouts:

This layout is by Neisha (aka Lavendar)! Isn't it lovely! I love how she used the frame, the photo grouping and the flowers. Beautiful Neisha! My good friend and team member Char did this wonderful layout (below) with a picture of her Grandmother using Grammie's Apron too!

The last one I am going to show you today is by Guest CT member Jamie (aka azrood)! How seriously cute is her daughter?

Thanks to my wonderful CT for allowing me to share these layouts with you! Just a note - I am leaving the contest open for another day - so, please leave a comment in the post below too and you'll be entered to win the Americana kit! Your chances are pretty good now!
I appreciate you stopping by! The cable guy just got here so I'm going to run before I lose this post! I'll be blog hopping later! Have a great day!


Tara (aka AbbysMomma) said...


Love that new kit, girl!!!

Heather said...

ROFL Better than dropping your cell phone in the toilet, BEFORE you flushed. LOL

Beautiful layouts! Gorgeous!

Alane said...

Hey, I'm glad you are blogging again! :D
Those layouts are awesome! I better get busy.
Oh, and with the toilet thing, in my case it was Spiderman. I had to save him, he was surfing on a log. :O

Connie Prince said...

Just zipping through to see if you had anything new out :) I loved the last kit SO much..I'll keep checking lol!

*HUGS* & have a wonderful weekend!