Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Yay Traci!

I am going to be a better blogger, I am going to be a better blogger, I am going to be a better blogger. Maybe if I say it 10 times it will come true?? Maybe? Oh well - such is life!

Speaking of life, Aidan started school, Eli has an ear infection, Zoey is enjoying her time with Mommy and looking forward to Mother's Day Out starting next week! I am looking forward to the 10 hours a week without any kids! Not sure exactly what I am going to do during that time but I am sure I will fill it somehow!

Big congratulations to my friend and Designer Extraordinaire - Traci Reed! She is the featured artist in Digital Artist Magazine! Her designs are really amazing and she continues to impress me with her talent and also how incredibly special she is as a Mom and Woman. If you haven't checked out the magazine yet, it is a great magazine! Plus this month you will get a free kit titled "The Softer Side" by Traci. Here is a layout I did of Zoey using it!

To see layout and full credits, click here!

The kit is really beautiful! Traci's colors are always fabulous and her elements are top notch and always creative!

I can't spend all of my time blogging this afternoon - I've got work to do! LOL! But I definitely wanted to make sure that everyone heard about Traci's wonderful kit and her incredible talent!

Thanks for stopping by! I love it when people leave comments, so please say Hi! Have a great afternoon! Oh and just for fun, here's a layout that I did last night real quick!

Credits here!

Okay well again, thanks for stopping by!


Traci Reed said...

just too sweet, seriously! It's wonderful to have a friend like you!

ShellMist said...

Hi Amy ~
Love Traci's designs too...
Can you tell us if you have chosen the winner of the Americana Kit yet?
So curious!