Friday, October 12, 2007

Lookie Lookie!!!

How do you like my new look? It is a combination of the incredible designs of Dani Mogstad and Jacque Larsen and a new set of blog header templates that I put together! Let me tell you - Dani's new kit and alpha set - OMG - they are incredible! Soooooo cute!

So, clearly I am terrible about updating the look of my blog. But, I wanted to do something fun for Halloween and one thing led to another and I designed these 6 blog headers. It as so easy and fun - I'll be creating new ones all the time!
You can purchase the header templates in my SBB store here.

One of my CT members Biancka did an awesome header using the templates - check out her header here:

Biancka's blog is awesome! I will link you all up in a little bit when I am back from the Parent-Teacher conference. Aidan's 1st report card comes home today! :)

A little light humor for you all. I spent this morning high pressure cleaning my driveway. It was a real opportunity to be with my thoughts while I washed away the dirt on the driveway and the front of the house. The following realizations made me realize that I am addicted to digiscrapping and designing:

1) While pressure washing the driveway, I was wondering if I should take a picture and scrap the before/after process.

2) We have a welcome mat that has an interesting pattern of "holes" in it - I put it on the driveway and cleaned the driveway between the holes - wondering if there was a way I could turn that pattern into a brush.

3) Texture - lots of texture out there.

4) And then once a lot of the dirt was washed away - I found oil stains or other stains on the driveway and I thought about how cool they would look as a brush or element.

Yes, these are the profound (haha) thoughts of a digi-scrap addict with a few minutes of uninterrupted menial task work. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day and rest of your weekend! And - check back tomorrow - or at least go to Sweet Shoppe Designs and check out Dani's new kit - it is awesome!!



Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Lovin the new blog header. Grabbed mine and hope to get it updated asap. Great products as always.

Have a great day!

Tanya said...

Love your new header (you're right about that cute alpha) - great templates you put in the store - I'm sure lots of blogs will finally be updated now! =)

Sandra said...

These are great templates, looking forward to using them. You have digi scrapping bad but I know what you mean....I do that kind of thing as well. said...
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Pam said...

These rock! Off to shop! I think I need your new collab kit too! :)