Monday, August 11, 2008

It happened again!!!

Yep, I scrapped! And I designed! :) Holy cow - was there a full moon yesterday?

Does anyone have tips on organizing kids rooms and getting the kids to keep it that way? Inexpensive ones? I don't understand how I can spend hours cleaning the kids rooms, organizing them and then within a week you would have absolutely no idea I had ever been in there. We bought some closet storage "solutions" this weekend because we simply had to do something. Our downstairs hall closet was becoming known as the "Zoobomafoo" closet. For those of you who do not have young children or young children who love that show - Martin and Chris have a closet that when they open everything from balls to animal food falls out of knocking them down. It's funny in the show but not in real life!!! But back to the real topic - how do I inspire Aidan and Zoey to put their toys back where I have now put them???

Well I have to run - one of my clients has already emailed me a long list of things to do this morning. But before I do, I want to show you the layout I did yesterday using Traci Reed's fabulous new kit Blue Skies and Flutterbies.

Those photos are of Zoey after a soccer game last year. She's so pretty (if I say so myself) and even after running around in the Texas heat for an hour.

Oh my now we have progressed to screaming from upstairs and another email! I must go! I'll be back tomorrow with a look at Maria LaFrance's and my new kit coming out tomorrow called "Gabrielle" and a birthday wish for Eli!

Thanks soooo much for stopping by! I really appreciate it and love reading your comments! :)


Karen said...

That is such a pretty layout. And you're right, she's a pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, Amy....wish I could help. My kids are now 25 & 18 and I never did figure out how to get them to do that! :/ I finally got those shelves with the little tip-out box thingies and got them to at least put things in there so they weren't on the floor. Still had to go through the boxes every few weeks to find "lost" things -- like keys, cell know the routine. :)

Tanya/TiggerRD said... that's my tip - lol