Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Howdy, cough, cough! I'm alive!

Hey everyone! It's been so fun going to my blog every day and seeing all this fun activity! My CT girls are the best - they have really done a great job with the Countdown to Christmas! I hope ya'll have had fun with it too!

I have sort of felt like "Where in the World is Amy" though. We have had a truly miserable December. Aidan, my oldest, got really sick on 12/1 and missed school and any other activities through to 12/10. And then as luck would have it - Aidan went back to school and I got sick the next day. On Friday my 97 year old Grandmother passed away and then on Sunday I was at the ER clinic where I tested positive for Influenza A and a chest xray revealed that I also have pnuemonia! Geez - can it get a whole lot worse? Well of course the answer to that is almost always yet but it did feel darn right stinky on Sunday.

Fortunately I'm feeling much better now, several days of Tamiflu and a good antibiotic and I am getting back to cranking out layouts, gifts and more. I'm going to come back and show ya'll some of my projects I've been working on but for now - I'll show you some super cool layouts some of my CT girls have had a chance to work on in the last week or so.

Kris Baker did this fabulous layout using Little Boy Blue. I love how she used highly themed kit for a layout having nothing to do with the theme! Fantastic!

Traci Reed is an amazing layout artist AND Designer. I positively love this layout titled "Fresh from Heaven."

And my dear friend Pam did this beautiful layout here using the Christmas Paper Bag frames! I love her tears and the little ornaments tucked in the top tears.

Well I wanted to stop and say Hello! Before I go, the coupon for my sale at SBB is still active and is valid for 30% off for a few more days! Here's the ad again:

Well it's time for me to - Eli just came and asked me to change his stinky diaper and that I need to go sing songs to Sissy! Hehe! I'm glad the 2 year old in the house has perspective on things!

Thanks for stopping by! Now, back to your regularly scheduled "Countdown to Christmas!" Have a super evening and stop by again tomorrow - I'm sure there is something fun in store for us all!

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lydia said...

Glad you and your family are feeling a little better. I hope it will last! Thanks to you and your CT for all the great stocking stuffers!