Thursday, December 27, 2007

Phew! It's over!

Hi everyone! "Phew, It's Over" is about all I've got to say! That's not to say that I didn't have a great Christmas or lots of fun through the holiday but it is such a production from the gifts, to the cooking, to the cleaning up - it's nice to now have all of the work behind us and now enjoy our new toys and each other. Aidan is off school till January 7th and I am looking forward to a week of fun with everyone!

Santa was very good to the kids this year - Aidan got his first HO Scale Model Railroad and he is positively over the moon about it! Boy I tell you - this is an expensive hobby however. We went to Hobby Lobby today to look at accessories for his track/train and I was pretty shocked how much everything was. But being the great little Tiger Cub that he is - he decided to save his money and do some arts and crafts activities to add to his railroad. So we made a fabulous tunnel out of a big round mailer, brick like paper and red paint! He loves it!

In stark contrast, Zoey got a $6 fake aquarium from Walgreens from Santa and she was doing a serious whoop it up happy dance. Santa brought her other presents too but by far the one she was most excited about was the fake aquarium with fake plastic fish from Walgreens! Aren't kids hysterical!

Eli loved the hub bub of it all and getting presents too! He was so cute he would get all excited and say "Wow" before he even knen what was in the box! Just unwrapping it was an event for him!

It was a fun Christmas but I am glad that it is over and now we can spend the next week visiting with my Mom (who flew in on Saturday) and relaxing a litte before school, scouts and soccer start up again!

Nothing new on the design front and only a few layouts which I will share soon! On a personal scrapbooking side, I am soooo sooooo excited to announce that Heather Roselli asked me to be on her team! Have you seen the adorable kits she comes out with?? One of her most recent - Making Trax- I have been drooling over since I first got a glimpse of it! Anyone with children who love Trains has to have this kit --- I think that is what I am going to start working on tonight! No shortage of train photos here!
I hope you all had a great Christmas! It will be 2008 in a matter of days - I hope it is a great year for you! Thanks for stopping by!

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