Thursday, January 3, 2008

Long Day!!!

Today seemed like a long day! It was probably that we had to take my Mom to the airport and that made everyone sad! The good news is that she will retire in 5 years and plans to move here to be near to us! I can't wait. Overall we did have a good day - read lots of stories, did a lot of painting/crafts and rode bikes.

It's only been 3 days but so far I'm on top of the Layout A Day challenge and the Photo-A-Day challenge. Here are my photos from yesterday and today:

My children are so lucky to have such a wonderful Grammie. Yesterday Grammie was reading to Eli and they were both so content!

I took this today while the kids were riding bikes. It is looking down the center of a palm tree. I'm reading this book called "Learning to Think Creatively" and so when I turned and saw the pine I thought it might make an interesting photo. I think the potential is there but I didn't hit is this time. I'll keep trying.

My Layout A Day (LOAD) layout for today was this fun one of Eli. My Mom took this picture of him sitting at the table being silly. The layout is a lift of my teammate Shannon's Run Play layout for Traci Reed's team blog.

I think I am going to call it an early night tonight - well sorta. My Sudoko puzzle book is calling me as well as another book that I am reading. It's a little cold out so it seems like a good night to curl up and do some reading and puzzles!
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Suzanne said...

Love the layout, Amy! What a cutie Eli is! :-)

Debra w said...

Lovely pictures! You are right about your children being lucky by having such a wonderful grammie! That is so special.