Friday, February 1, 2008

Challenge Time!!

Hello everyone!! This is Amber hijacking Amy's blog for a little bit. Amy was super sweet and passed out some of her templates packs for her CT to give away. So here I am to give some away!!

As those that are close to me know, I started Medifast 1 1/2 weeks ago. So far so good, but this time I am determined to get the weight OFF. I know I am not alone on my journey based on the multiple threads at DST. I have decided I want to document this journey and I am asking my digi-friends to join me. I am going to call this "Scrapping the Weight Away" I am working on a blog so once that is done I will link you up :)

For our first "Scrapping the Weight Away" challenge I would like you to create a layout with the following:
  • one of Amy's templates
  • a "before" picture
  • journaling
Here is my layout:

Birthday Templates by Amy Bleser at SBB; Papers, Alpha and Journal Tag from Softer Side by Traci Reed; Ribbon, Photo Turn, Ric Rac, Glitter Negative Frames from For the Love of Clover by Amy Bleser at PDP and DF

Like I said, I have some of Amy's template packs to give away so link me up to your layouts and I will do a random drawing for a couple winners! The deadline to post your links is Feb 15th.


Katherine aka Scrap Yard Kath said...

Weight Loss Tumbler

I am doing something a little different. i decided to use my Aladdin tumbler for my water drinking.

I am doing Amber's WL Challenge, [url=]here,[/url] using Amy Blesser's stuff. So, I bought her tumbler template and little clothespins memos (at SBE) and made a new inset for my new 'water glass'. It will track my goals and loss and a CONSTANT reminder everywhere I go. Plus this could be a great conversation starter to meet other WW people as I go about my day.

Tracy said...

Here's mine...thanks for doing this Amber!!!

Paige said...

Oh man... is it too late? I have my page done just forgot to post it!

Paige said...

Well I know mine was too late... but I decided to post it anyway.