Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Calendar Time!

Well the Bleser household has officially reached maximum craziness! Aidan and Zoey started soccer last week - Aidan practices 2x's a week, Zoey only 1. Zoey and Eli start Mother's Day Out tomorrow - 2 days a week from 9 - 2! And the Scouts start next week too although as the Den Leaders, Dave and I are fast and furiously getting prepared! So, between scouts, school, soccer and regular life - we are maxed out! So far it has been fun but then it is only beginning!

I can't believe that not only is it time to start making our Holiday presents, but according to my gift list - I am already behind. Between the calendars, the magnets, the altered items etc - I'll be working from now till January trying to get them all done!

To that end - one of my CT members - Tanya - turned me onto something called "The Holiday Plan." It is a week-by-week organization plan to get your house in order, your gifts bought and made and your baking done! It's pretty cool - check it out!

Some of you may recognize my "Just the Tops" calendar toppers! Well I am re-releasing them and they are better than ever! They are now available in .png format! You can find them here! They are only $8 but for all my blog readers (yes the 2 of you), I am offering a 25% off coupon good till the end of the month. The code is: letsgetstarted08

I love these templates and they will help you (and I) get your annual calendar done in a Jiffy! Last year I ordered mine from Winkflash and was sooo pleased with the quality, I am planning to use them again this year. Hopefully they will have an incentive for early birds who get done early! (as if I would be one of them).

Thanks so much for checking in! I hope you will scroll down and pick up the free template a post below! And please do say Hi!


Lucrecia said...

Ahh yes, we've started soccer and all that fun stuff too! No scouts this year, but next year when the little one is in 1st - he is so excited!

Thanks for the coupon - I was going to pick these up today anway - bonus!

Gina said...

I happen to know there are at least 18 people who subscribe to your blog because Bloglines tells me how many peeps subscribe. So, there are...oh...16 random peeps out there demanding an apology. ROFL ;)

Love these toppers!

Ashley said...

Love your work!...still.... :)