Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Help!! I'm Missing Someone!

Yes it has finally happened! My house is overrun with boxes. They are stacked 3 or 4 high on every available wall. The children are hiding in them and every once in a while a scream of "....where are you???" can be heard throughout the house as I try to locate my little nuts between, behind and beneath all these boxes! We begin moving in just 10 days!

Sadly I did no digiscrappin today but I do still have a layout to share with you! This one is using Kristin Cronin-Barron's My Sunshine kit available at Sweet Shoppe Designs. It is such a fun and happy kit - I just love it. Oh and I also used one of Bree Clarkson's fabulous templates too.

Hopefully I will squeeze in a few minutes tonight before I fall asleep - I would really love to do the May template from Dani's CT blog - Girl Talk. But I am yawning probably a little too much for that. I do feel good about what I did get done today - I booked a mover, transferred all of our utilities, played in a tent, read a lot of stories, did some patient records for the doctor I am a "virtual assistant" for and all around had a well balanced day between working and the kids. It was another good day!

And among all this fun time really does fly! I went upstairs to encourage Aidan to get out of the tub and was shocked to see a big boy looking up at me rather than the little baby I once knew. He has matured so much and grown into such a wonderful boy - yes filled with energy and mischief but also a very healthy dose of kindness and gentleness. He'll be 7 on Saturday and while it is such a cliche, it doesn't feel like 7 years ago when I held him in my arms for the first time and whispered in his ear "you are the best thing I have ever done." I shudder to think how quickly the next year and years will go but between all the practices, birthday parties, squables and tears, I will forever be grateful for the gift of my 3 children.

Wow - that was a serious dip into the sappy and reflective side of me. I suppose it is moving that is bringing out my sappy side. I have spent nearly all of my married life in this house and brought three precious babies home from the hospital to this home. I have never in my life been as happy or as terrified as I have been in this house. But now it is time to make new memories in a new and wonderful home. And the nice thing about moving less than a mile away - when I need to I can drive by and see how things are going over here in this little corner of my heart.

On that note - I am definitely going to stop before I become even more sappy. Thanks for sticking with me and reading all this (if you got this far!). I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have a layout to show you tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day/evening! And please leave me a comment to say Hello and tell me what's going on with you too!



lydia said...

I so know what you mean Amy! When we left Tucson, I was so happy to be leaving and moving back to a place that I called home. But, leaving our house in Tucson was hard - both my boys were born while we lived there and we had some AMAZING family memories there! It was hard to paint over the scuffs on the walls and take down the pictures. Just thinking about it now makes me a little wispy.

But, life does go on, and you will have so many years of wonderful memories in your new home! Good luck with the rest of your move!

Lucrecia said...

bleck - I hate moving! I don't do well with all those weeks of disorder! Are you just moving houses or leaving SA? Good luck getting a LO done; you did more yesterday than I do in many whole weekends LOL