Monday, May 5, 2008

Life....well it's crazy!!!

I know for darn sure I am not the only one who is amazed at how busy life is! Between soccer, gymnastics, birthdays, work, designing, scrapping, the kids school, holidays and family celebrations, moving and well moving - it is hard to keep my head on straight! And seriously, could someone please tell me how on earth it became May already??? Next thing you know we are going to be Christmas shopping!

But even with its everyday challenges and craziness, life is good! Afterall, how could it not be when your beautiful 5 year old daughter comes running into the house saying "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy....a toad pee'd on me!!" She was delighted, I was laughing and smiling - it was one of those great everyday moments.

Did everyone survive National Scrapbooking Day? Last year I went totally crazy on NDS and spent a fair amount of money. This year, I was good! I restrained myself to just a couple purchases. Now mind you, if DH was not unemployed I am sure I would have gone crazy. There were amazing sales out there, incredible designs and a lot of inspiration and fun. I didn't purchase a lot - but I did do a fair amount of scrapping - at least for me! Indulge me please while I share!

My first layout is of my sweet Eli in the bathtub. I just love that sweet beautiful face! The kit is A Boys Toys by Heather Roselli at the Sweet Shoppe and the acrylic stars are by Traci Reed. I used one of the star album Quick Pages for the layout. Yes it might constitute cheating but it turned out really cute I think!

I will spare you the whining that goes along with this next layout of Aidan who will be 7 on Saturday (hint hint - look for a sale on Saturday). He is no longer my little baby - he has grown into a boy - a big, rambuntious, active and fun 7 year old boy!! For this layout I used a template by Bree Clarkson and a new kit called Chilaxin by Melissa Bennett, Eva Kipler and Scrapkitchen Designs.

This next layout is one of my favorites for the weekend. Zoey is just so darn pretty (in my humble opinion) and her eyes are just so amazingly blue! I did this layout for the NDS Spin-A-Lift Chain game. Tons of fun! The butterfly is by Annie Manning in this layout - everything else is from Traci Reed's newest kits - JuicyPops with Amanda Rockwell and A Tisket A Tasket with Gina Miller.

Okay well that is going to have to be all for now! Soon I am going to be asleep on my keyboard! Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Lucrecia said...

WOW - great layouts!! And btw, I don't think using the little pages on the full size page is cheating - its using your options well :-)