Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let's talk speed scrapping

Hi everyone, I was sat here wondering what I could possibly talk to you about, and I got to thinking about a few things. I have spent all of my time since Sunday trying to move everything important onto my external drive, because my computer started making a weird noise and I didn't want to lose anything important. Now during that time I have cursed the amount of time doing this has taken. In my mind there were so many other things I could have been spending my time doing. I haven't been able to scrap a single layout, and I have missed that creative outlet. Now they way my mind works is it wonders, frequently lol. So that thought led to thinking about all the othet times I have wished for more "Scrapping" hours in the day. I know I can't be the only one who is still printing/assembling things the night before they are needed lol. But the problem is birthdays and anniversaries etc may well give us a year's notice they are coming but then somehow they still seem to be able to sneak up on us and throw us into a panic. Although I am still searching for that elusive 48 hour day, to give me those extra hours I have stumbled across a few ways to make better use of my scrapping time, and get more done in less time. My first answer to this problem is quick pages, they give you a nice base layout that can be finished simply by adding a photograph. But if you own the coordinating kit you could also add to them and really make them your own. Luckily for you Amy has lots of beautiful ones available for sale. Let's start with some traditional 12x12 quickpages. Amy currently has quick pages available in this size using no less than 9 different kits. I have linked up the abbreviations of the stores each set is available for sale at PDP=Polka Dot Potato, ACOT=A Cherry On Top, DF=Digital Freebies.

B3 Bounce Bounce Bounce
(designed by CT member Pam Bumbuca) PDP and DF Flowers For Mom PDP, DF and ACOTFor The Love Of Clover (designed by CT member Pam Bumbuca) DFLittle Boy Blue PDP and DFLittle Man (created by CT member Pam Bumbuca) DFOh What A Mess (Created by CT member Pam Bumbuca) PDP, DF and ACOT Purple Paradise PDP, DF and ACOTRainy Day Sunday PDP, DF and ACOTSpring Morning 1 - Single (created by CT member Pam Bumbuca) DF Spring Morning 2 - Triple Pack (created by CT member Pam Bumbuca) DFAs you can see you are not exactly short of choice, there is something for boy and girl pages. But what if you don't want to make square layouts? Well Amy can help you out there too, with her selection of quick page albums. These will make creating a beautiful hybrid gift super simple.
Flowers For Mom - Bracket Album (created by CT member Pam Bumbuca) PDP, DF, ACOT Flowers For Mom - Mini Heart Album (designed by CT member Tanya Tong) PDP, DF and ACOT Grammie's Apron - Bracket Album (created by CT member Pam Bumbuca) DF and ACOT Rainy Day Sunday - Brag Book (created by CT member Tanya Tong) DF and ACOTThere's also this fab album that accompanies Amy's newest release, a collaboration with Heather Roselli, Hope Springs Eternal. Here's something you may not have known if you pick up the kit before the 23rd (which is Friday) you get the gorgeous 2 Ring Heart Album which is worth $4.99 free. You don't have to do anything, it's included in the download, now how's that for a deal!
I know a lot of people aren't keen on quick pages and consider them to be "cheating" but they really do help out when you have a short deadline, or just a lot of photos you want to get scrapped in a short amount of time. The alternative answer I can provide is layered templates, they give you a lot more freedom and flexibility. I will hold my hands up and admit I can't remember the last layout I made that didn't use a layered template. I like to have the basics of my layout done for me, leaving me to the fun task of decorating it with the kit of my choice. The downside is they take a lot longer than quick pages, but for most people a template layout is still a lot quicker than starting from scratch. Amy has a lot of great templates available for sale, from 12x12, double page and brag book to tumbler, calendar, trading card and even blog header templates. Whether you choose to use templates or quick pages you have plenty to choose from, for all your, hybrid scrapping, gift giving or just for simply speeding up the scrapping process.

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